Cuenca told the New York Daily News the video was recorded on Thursday.

She also said that Beckham did not take any drugs. She declined to comment on whether or not the white powder is cocaine and would not confirm whether there were drugs in the room.

The Daily News asked Cuenca what Beckham is holding in the video. She responded that it is “a slice of pizza.”

The NFL and the Giants are both aware of the video, but that’s all they’ve had to say about it.

Reid, the brother of 49ers free-agent safety Eric, had an interesting meeting with the Patriots at the Combine. He’s the tough cover man New England needs to replace Patrick Chung, who turns 31 in August and will become a free agent in 2019.

The Eagles might?not be able to afford re-signing Patrick Robinson, who will be a hot free agent after dominating opponents in slot coverage last season. Jackson sticks well with receivers on intermediate routes and has a nose for the ball, lining up well for him to be an impact nickel back.

Gonzalez has been a very productive player though for the Rockies in his career with 211 home runs in nine years in Colorado.

The 32-year-old outfielder turned down a five-year deal with the Rockies in 2017.

I actually don’t hate this rotation. Archer, obviously, is one of the most watchable pitchers in baseball and a worthy leader on any pitching staff. He carves up hitters in his sleep, has an infectious personality, and is a joy off the field. The Rays are probably trading him before the calendar year is out, and whoever gets him will be lucky.

Straily has sort of come from nowhere over the past two years to be a reliable arm, even if metrics like DRA aren’t big fans. Snell is just a few seasons removed from being the big pitching prospect du jour and shows plenty of flashes of greatness. Faria looks like the sort of guy who’s going to be sticking around as a mid-rotation arm for years to come.

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